Reading for fun

For too many years, I’ve struggled to read anything but simple fiction. I promised myself that this year would be different - I was going to read! I even set a target of six books.

I was a slow start, on the third attempt, I finished Matt Haig’s excellent “Reasons to stay alive” on holiday in June. Adam Kay’s tales of his time as a junior doctor were next, again on holiday - I genuinely laughed until I cried 3 nights in a row. [Amazon affiliate links].

The end of September and I’ve read two books. Not what I’d hoped for, but I’ve tried to read several other books. It’s just that finding time to sit an focus on reading is difficult by the time I’ve finished work, had dinner, helped to bath and put the kids in bed, cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes. Usually, I’m ready to collapse at this point.

Except, that’s not it. I bent the rules.

For years I’ve listened to podcasts as I walked to work or took my lunchtime stroll around the park - I’d been looking for new podcasts for a while, bored of the casual tech news ones that I’d listened to for, well, forever.

I decided to replace them with audiobooks. I’ve “read” six audiobooks during my lunch break in the last six months. I’ve exhausted the list of books I kept in my phones note taking app and gone in search of others. They’ve inspired new ideas; helped me to re-frame things I’ve been wrestling with for weeks and generally given me much joy.

A full list and links to all 8 books below. I highly recommend each one of them. [Amazon affiliate links].